In times of demographic change, the number of vulnerable patients will increase further. These patients have complex care needs caused by one or several chronic diseases. Complex care requires care across different types of health organizations and social care organizations and involves difficult transitions between these providers. This problem shall be tackled by transforming the health and social care system into a system that delivers care with greater value. Value-based health care means cost-consciously redesigning care processes and structures according to the needs of patients, which includes the two dimensions of patient aspects and economic aspects. Thus it is necessary to enable change processes towards value-based health and social care for vulnerable patients.

The project will include the establishment of a Competence Network, connecting practice and scientific research and aiming to support the exchange as well as research and development. By doing this, the development of health and social care will be advanced with the principle of organizational learning so it can be improved towards patient-centeredness and value-based care.

CoRe-Net is an interdisciplinary research association including three faculties:

Faculty of Human Sciences
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences


This enables the unique integration of different perspectives and methods, and additionally makes possible a close exchange with partners from health and social care institutions in Cologne.

The network comprises three projects: LYOL-C, MenDis-CHD and OrgValue.