Ambulatory parenteral antibiotic therapy

Grant-ID: 01VSF18036 / Proposal-ID: VSF1_2018-174

Topic area: Topic area 3d) Transfer of new scientific findings, diffusion of medical progress into standard care

Short description:
In numerous infections antibiotics are injected directly into the bloodstream as an infusion. In Germany, this is traditionally performed in hospitals. In the case of a so-called APAT, however, the antibiotics are administered at home by the patient or a carer. This allows patients to stay in their familiar environment and to live their daily lives as usual. Despite these and other advantages, the APAT has rarely been carried out in Germany so far.

In this project, the execution and practicability of an APAT will be evaluated systematically – using the Cologne metropolitan region as a model region. In the first part of the study, patients with an infection will receive an APAT and will be observed. The data collected should provide information about the success of the treatment and the satisfaction of the patients and treating physicians. Licensed doctors play a key role in the APAT. Their attitude toward this form of therapy will therefore be covered in the second part of the study by a comprehensive survey. Finally, another work package will examine the current care situation and thus the relevance of the APAT. Data from insured people from the Cologne metropolitan region will be evaluated and analysed from a medical, epidemiological and economic point of view.

The project will be funded for three years with 1.7 million euros.

If successful, the project should help identify the potential of the APAT for Germany. If positive effects and feasibility can be demonstrated in the Cologne metropolitan area, the APAT could become an important treatment option beneficial for many patients. The findings from this study, as well as developed concepts and structures, can later be transferred nationwide.