Last year of life study Cologne

Scientific management: Prof. Dr. Raymond Voltz, Dr. Julia Strupp (Department of Palliative Medicine, University Hospital of Cologne), Prof. Dr. Christian Rietz (Faculty of Human Sciences, University of Cologne)

Research associates: Gloria Hanke, Nicolas Schippel

The subproject LYOL-C examines the last year of life of patients in Cologne independent from their indication. The research will be focused on the health and social care trajectories, transitions between different care Providers and the concomitant burden for both patients and relatives. The aim of the project is to demonstrate possibilities for optimization regarding the modification of trajectories, transparency of transitions, increase of sustainability of care, reduction of burden for patients and relatives, and more efficient use of resources.


Retrospective mixed methods study:

    • Secondary data analysis: Statutory Health Insurance (SHI) data from deceased patients in Cologne.
    • Surveys with relatives (n = 400) of deceased patients in Cologne via postal questionnaire.
    • Interviews with relatives (n = 40-60) of deceased patients in Cologne via qualitative manual-based interviews.
    • Focus groups (n = 3–5) with professionals participating in health and social care at the end of life.

News in LYOL-C can be found here.