News in MenDis-CHD

Since launching the MenDis-CHD project in February 2017 much has been achieved: We specified the methodological details for the study and received a validated questionnaire covering, for example, patient satisfaction and diagnostic measuring instruments. We designed items for patients, relatives and health care providers, in many individual steps. These items relate to the current state of care and needs, diagnosis and treatment carried out, and the access and barriers to care of CHD patients affected by mental disorders or cognitive impairment. Also, we developed guidelines for the interviews and the focus groups and established a patient ratio. This patient ratio can ensure the optimum distribution among the different interview groups. For conducting the interviews, we took out commuting accident insurance.

The project team members received training on test diagnosis for enabling a validated survey. For instance, the team members attended a workshop on qualitative methods conducted by Prof. McKee. Our study is registered with the German Clinical Trials Register (DRKS). Also, we created the participant information and informed consents, and finalized the questionnaires. There were several meetings with practice partners in which we presented our project and approach. Within the framework of these meetings, we made individual arrange-ments for smooth recruitment in the clinics and practices. We devised a detailed project plan and created standard operating procedures, screenings and identification logs. At the end of September 2017, we received study approval by the Ethics Commission of Cologne University’s Faculty of Medicine.

We are now finalizing the study protocol, which will be our first publication. Further publications in MenDis-CHD are planned. Also, we intend to collectively publish articles with the OrgValue project team, as well as the pmv-research group about secondary data analysis.

Our event “Cologne meets CoRe-Net” took place in November 2017. The report can be found here. The event was a great success and produced stimulating ideas for future projects.

Our study recruitment started in the second week of January 2018.