Review of “Köln trifft CoRe-Net” (Cologne meets CoRe-Net)

The network meeting “Köln trifft CoRe-net” on 13th November 2017 took place in the Fritz Thyssen Foundation with more than 70 participants. This meeting intended to inform about CoRe-Net and together, create the future of the Cologne Research and Development Network. We welcomed patient and relative representatives, representatives from health insurances and the medical chamber, science and medical professions, besides many others involved in health and social care in Cologne. As part of the meeting, a World Café has occurred, bringing groups of people together to discuss health and social care, as well as the links between health services research and practice. Hereafter, the results of the different roundtable discussions are presented.

1. „Cologne’s construction sites in health and social care“
2. „Practiced patient participation: How can patients’ voices take better account in decisions on all levels?“
3. „Health care practice and research—how can the exchange be improved?“
4. „Cologne as a caring community—how can we care for people at the end of life together?“
5. „Well cared? Risks for mental disorders for young adults“


Impressions of the event: