Coordination office

The coordination office – at the Institute for Medical Sociology, Health Services Research and Rehabilitation Science (IMVR) at the University of Cologne – forms the infrastructure of CoRe-Net.

It is responsible for development and expansion of the network, in particular through communication activities and networking with relevant actors in health care and health services research in Cologne and beyond.

In addition, the following working areas belong to the functions of the coordination office:

It supports the work of the CoRe-Net projects (LYOL-C, MenDis-CHD and OrgValue) especially in the organisation of regular R&D-meetings of the CoRe-Net applicants and scientific staff.

In addition, the organisation and implementation of various events, such as the CoRe-Net R&D-workshops and method forums, is also part of its area of responsibility. The coordination office also conducts public relations work, e.g. via Facebook, Twitter and ResearchGate as well as by means of a newsletter, by sharing information on news about CoRe-Net and health services research.

The coordination office is also first point of contact for all enquiries , especially regarding cooperation with CoRe-Net and the use of the database (CoRe-Dat) for new, innovative care research projects for the Cologne area. For the planning of new projects, the coordination office offers methodological advice as well as support in the acquisition of research funds.

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The coordination office – and the CoRe-Net project partners – are supported by two other units:

The Expert and Patient Advisory Board has the task of advising the network, the core projects and the Steering Board on scientific and practical issues and supporting the transfer of knowledge. The members of the advisory board were appointed in the course of the application process. The Steering Board decides on new members.

The Steering Board defines the framework and guiding principles for the activities of the management, the coordination unit and the CoRe-Net projects. The Steering Board consists of the applicants of the current CoRe-Net project phase, a patient representative, a representative from the health care sector, a representative from local and regional politics and representatives of the participating health insurance companies. The patient representative and the representative from the health care sector were elected by the general meeting.

*R&D = Reserach and Development