News in LYOL-C II


Completed work areas including a short summary of results and reference to new publications:
In November, LYOL-C II received a positive vote from the ethics committee. The time of the evaluation of the ethics application was used to prepare the first work packages of the project, especially regarding the qualitative interviews. For this purpose, interview guidelines as well as prototypes of the material intended for the intervention were prepared in close cooperation with the OrgValue II project. A research workshop was also held at the Centre for Palliative Medicine.
Providers involved in the care of people in the last year of life as well as patient representatives will be recruited.
In addition, our intervention has been given a new name – to reflect the “minimally invasive” nature of the intervention, it has been named “MINI – Minimally INvasive Intervention”.
Currently, a study protocol of the trial is being prepared for publication.
We are also pleased to welcome Leonie Weyres as part of our team. She will support us from 01.01.2021 as a study nurse in the practical implementation of the study. We are also pleased about the active support of Buket-Dilara Cinar, who has been supporting our team as a SHK since November 2020.

New publications: Voltz, R., Dust, G., Schippel, N., On behalf of The CoRe Net Co applicants, et al. Improving regional care in the last year of life by setting up a pragmatic evidence-based Plan–Do–Study–Act cycle: results from a cross-sectional survey. BMJ Open 2020;10:e035988.
doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2019-035988

Current processes/preparations:
With the preliminary positive vote of the ethics committee, we can now start recruiting interview partners for the qualitative interviews, which are the first part of the project. In these interviews, we will discuss possible implementation barriers of our planned intervention with patient representatives and experts in hospital care. In view of the current Corona pandemic, the interviews will not take place in the format of focus groups, but as individual interviews in an online format. If you are interested in an interview of about one hour, you can contact our research assistants directly at
Furthermore, talks are currently being held with representatives of interested wards at the University Hospital Cologne about participating in the project.
The questionnaires for the evaluation of the intervention are in their final stages and are being developed in cooperation between the LYOL-C II project and the PMV research group.
The data collection materials for the patient and relative survey have been finalised in close cooperation with all project participants, a clinical pre-test is still planned.

Outlook on the next steps:
At the beginning of 2021, the first data will be collected in the form of qualitative interviews with experts. On the basis of these, the intervention will be critically examined with regard to its feasibility and, in particular, possible barriers to implementation, in order to subsequently enable the most practical implementation possible. Furthermore, the recruitment of the control group is planned for the second quarter of 2021. The implementation of the intervention on selected wards of the University Hospital Cologne is planned for autumn 2021.

Completed work areas including a short summary of results and reference to new publications:
On 26.06.2020 a virtual practice partner event took place to present the previous project results from LYOL-C I. The participants also got an insight into the second project phase and were able to communicate their wishes and suggestions for the new project.
A vote for the LYOL-C II study was applied for at the Ethics Committee of the University Hospital of Cologne in August. The individual project partners were in close contact with each other. In addition, consultations took place in advance with the data protection officer of the University of Cologne and with the head of the ethics committee. The project has been registered provisionally with the German Clinical Trials (DRKS) and will be published when the ethics committee has given its positive vote.

New publications: LYOL-C (2020). Factsheet: The last year of life in Cologne. Cologne: Publication series of the Institute for Medical Sociology, Health Services Research and Rehabilitation Science (IMVR) at the University of Cologne.

Current processes/preparations:
At this year’s congress of the German Society for Palliative Medicine (DGP) in Wiesbaden, the LYOL-C-I project is represented with a lecture and a poster. Results on differences between patients with a tumor and non-tumor disease in relation to care in the last year of life will be presented. These results are currently also being prepared in two publications.
Currently the preparation of the intervention for LYOL-C II is in progress. A compilation of the study materials for the individual work packages is also underway. Furthermore, a publication of the study protocol in an open access journal is planned. Currently, three scientific publications from the first funding phase are undergoing a review process.

Outlook on the next steps:
The first practical work package of the study will be to conduct a focus group discussion/individual interviews with patient representatives and healthcare experts to discuss the implementation details of the intervention. Based on the findings, an intervention will be designed, which will be applied in the next step on selected wards of the University Hospital.
In order to make this intervention as practice-oriented as possible and to implement it into hospital care in a practice-oriented way, we are looking for experts from various care settings as well as patient representatives in order to exchange information with us within the framework of a qualitative survey. The data collection is planned for autumn 2020. If you are interested in an interview or participation in a focus group, you can contact Alina Kasdorf directly:

Finished work areas including a short summary of results and reference to new publications:
After the successful realisation of all milestones planned in the project plan, the LYOL-C project was completed by April 4th, 2020. Currently, three scientific publications from the first phase are under review. The practice partner event planned for 26.03.2020, which was intended as a kick-off for the LYOL-C-II planning, unfortunately had to be postponed indefinitely due to the corona pandemic.

Current processes/preparations:
The LYOL-C- II subproject (Tailoring & impact of the trigger question-based Gold Standards Framework combined with Patient Question Prompt Sheets to deliver patient-centered care in hospitals) is a follow-up project of the study “Last year of life in Cologne – LYOL-C”. LYOL-C-II aims to enable patient-centered care in hospitals and to increase the patient benefit (“value”) in the last year of life through a minimally invasive intervention. Using the Gold Standard Framework established in Great Britain, a concept is being developed which will help to identify patients who are in their last year of life and therefore have a greater need for care and support. In addition, checklists for patients will be developed within the framework of this study, which will help to improve the flow of information by making it easier for patients to talk to doctors, for example. We assume that this type of intervention can help to optimise care for all those involved.

Outlook on following steps:
The first year of the project is planned for the conception of the intervention, which is planned in cooperation with OrgValue and the department for social policy and methods of qualitative social research. The first milestone will be to obtain a positive vote of the ethics committee of the University Hospital in order to guarantee data protection and ethical-moral aspects of our planned intervention. For this purpose, numerous information materials for the recruitment of patients will be prepared and materials for the conception of the intervention in focus groups will be prepared. Parallel to this, the preparation of a study protocol is planned.