First funding phase: CoRe-Net I

01.02.2017 – 30.04.2020

CoRe-Net started in February 2017 with the aim of developing a Cologne Research and Development Network. As one of a few regions Cologne was chosen by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for this unique promotion of structural development. CoRe-Net was established to be a long-term and sustainable network making Cologne into a model region for the improvement of health and social care in Germany. The network will be funded by the BMBF for the next three years.

The aim of the first funding phase was to create structures that promote the connection between health services research and practice in Cologne and their exchange. Furthermore, new innovative health care research projects for the Cologne area should be made possible.
For this purpose, a database unique to Cologne was created. It contains routine data from four cooperating statutory health insurance companies (SHI), social data and primary data.

You will find more information about CoRe-Net database (CoRe-Dat) here:

Three research projects were implemented under CoRe-Net I:

These examined healthcare across different healthcare organizations for specific patient groups in Cologne. Furthermore, we were able to identify organizational characteristics inhibid or facilitating the implementation of patient-centered care.

Here you can find information on the second funding phase: