OrgValue II

Characteristics of value-based care from the perspective of care institutions: A multi-centre multi-perspective approach to examine regulatory and organisational challenges in the care of vulnerable patients in Cologne

OrgValue II is a follow-up project to the “OrgValue” study. Based on the findings of OrgValue I, OrgValue II combines the two other CoRe-Net projects LYOL-C II and MenDis-CHD II.

The implementation of concepts in the field of value-based healthcare will be examined in the context of an analysis of the two sub-projects. Within five sub-projects (A-E), OrgValue II aims to complete the development process of the interventions in the clinical sub-projects (LYOL-C and MenDis-CHD) through a combination of participatory approaches and evaluation (method of impact assessment). Thus, evidence and practical insights are to be created that support the implementation process.

Duration of the project: 05/2020 – 04/2023
Project funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research

(A) Identification of organisational determinants for the tailoring of interventions in order to establish organisational fit and transferability of the interventions (A.1.) and evaluation of implementation outcomes of the clinical sub-projects’ interventions (A.2.)

Contact person:
Christin Leminski (in cooperation with LYOL-C and MenDis-CHD)

(B) Investigate the impact of objectively measurable organizational characteristics (bottlenecks) on patient-related outcomes

Contact person:
Adriana Meixner (in cooperation with MenDis-CHD)

(C) Conducting a formative socio-economic impact assessment to support the future implementation of the interventions included in the clinical sub-projects

Contact person:
Ingo Meyer (in cooperation with LYOL-C and MenDis-CHD)

(D) Investigation of the attitude of providers at national level towards different remuneration systems and technical conditions for the provision of patient-centred and value-based healthcare

(E) Development, implementation and evaluation of Patient Question Prompt Sheets (QPS)

Contact person:
Christin Leminski (in cooperation with LYOL-C and MenDis-CHD)

The planned interventions will be developed on the basis of joint surveys in order to make them fully usable, taking into account organisational specificities. In addition, organisational characteristics that could influence the implementation of the interventions of the two sub-projects LYOL-C and MenDis-CHD are to be analysed. A formative socio-economic impact assessment will support the future implementation of the interventions included in the clinical subprojects.

In a further research-package, the extent to which different providers and actors in the health care system assess different remuneration models for the implementation of patient-centred care will be investigated.

Prof. Dr. Holger Pfaff (Speaker)
(Centre for Health Services Research Cologne, University of Cologne)

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Kuntz
(Department of Business Administration and Health Care Management, University of Cologne)

Prof. Dr. Stephanie Stock
(Institute for Health Economics and Clinical Epidemiology, University of Cologne)

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