News in CoRe-Web


CoRe-Net has been cooperating with CoRe-Web since July 2021. The CoRe-Web project already started in October 2020. To date, a number of project steps have already been completed. The positive ethics vote (vote number 20-1715_1) from the ethics committee of the University of Cologne, which took place in March, represents a milestone. The ethics vote confirms that data protection and ethical aspects are considered when conducting the study.

Following this, the recruitment of participants for the focus groups could be started. An interview guide was developed for the focus groups and a first conceptual draft of the online platform (wireframe) was created.

Three focus groups have already been conducted. Further focus groups or individual interviews are being planned in order to achieve a case number of at least 15 participants. 

Project funding: Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany