New, innovative care (research) projects for the Cologne area can submit an application for cooperation with CoRe-Net and/or the use of the database (CoRe-Dat) to the coordination office. For the planning of new projects, the coordination office provides methodological advice as well as support in the acquisition of research funds.

Currently, we are happy to have the cooperation projects listed below:

The project K-APAT started on 1st April 2019. It is carried out in cooperation with CoRe-Net and focuses on outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy in the Cologne metropolitan region.


The projekt CoRe-Web started on 1st October 2020. It is carried out in cooperation with CoRe-Net and aims to create a practice-relevant and target group-specific form of presentation for the communication of results from health services research into practice through the conception, implementation and evaluation of an online platform.