Database: CoRe-Dat

A central component of the CoRe-Net research platform is the CoRe-Net database (CoRe-Dat). It contains regional data from social statistics, the quality reports of Cologne-based hospitals, as well as the survey data and screening results of the study participants from the CoRe-Net research projects LYOL-C, MenDis-CHD and OrgValue (primary data). A further component and central element of CoRe-Dat are the insured pseudonymised SHI routine data of currently four cooperating health insurance funds (AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, BARMER, DAK-Gesundheit, pronova BKK).

1. Primary data
If there’s a declaration of consent, the pseudonymous data of the studies conducted in the CoRe-Net subprojects LYOL-C, MenDis-CHD and OrgValue will be stored in the database. Through this, projects located in CoRe-Net in the future have the opportunity to use these data for other questions regarding the regional health care. The network enables a common research infrastructure.

2. Contact information
If there’s a declaration of consent, study participants’ contact information will be stored in the CoRe-Net contact database. This provides the opportunity to contact the participants again and invite them to other studies. The contact database supports further projects located in CoRe-Net.

3. Routine Data
Four cooperating health insurance funds (DAK Gesundheit, Barmer, pronova BKK and AOK Rheinland/Hamburg), which together have the high market share of about 55% of all individuals insured within the statutory health insurance system in Cologne, will provide routine data to CoRe-Net, first, over an observation period of five years. A routine data analysis will be, among other things, part of the projects LYOL-C and MenDis-CHD. During CoRe-Nets’ funding period, the cooperating health insurance funds transmit further routine data at yearly intervals. Through this, long-term effects of the CoRe-Net subprojects can be analysed and evaluated.