Implementation and evaluation of an online platform for research data of the metropolitan region Rhineland using the example of health care research in the last year of life

Duration of the project: since 10/2020
Project funding: Central Research Institute of Ambulatory Health Care in Germany

Health services research focuses on the exploration of the medical care situation of the public under everyday conditions and the development of new concepts for the purpose of improving healthcare. In contrast, the imperfect transfer of research results into practice has been proven by various studies. First investigations have shown that the dissemination of research results via online platforms is faster and more effective than publication in specialist journals only. Healthcare providers are actually addressed in this way. In particular, if the healthcare providers are involved in the process of developing the online platforms, the quality of care can be improved in long-term through the implementation of research results.

The aim of this project is to conceptualize a practice-relevant and target group-specific form  for the communication of results from health services research into practice. The establishment of the online platform is exemplified by the topic of care at the end of life. The results of the following studies will be used for this purpose:

1) „The last year of life in Cologne“ (LYOL-C I), which was conducted as a part of CoRe-Net,

2) „The desire to die in palliative care: Optimization of management“ (DEDIPOM), which was conducted by the Centre for Palliative Medicine at the University of Cologne.

The project will be conducted as combined conceptual and evaluative study.

Conceptual study:
By involving health care providers and political decision-makers a practice-oriented concept for the processing and visualisation of results from health services research will be developed for an online platform.. For this purpose, focus groups and individual interviews will be conducted. Based on the developed concept, the results of the LYOL-C and DEDIPOM study will be processed and integrated into an online platform. An external agency provides the design and technical implementation for the online platform.

Evaluative study:
During the test phase, the developed online platform will be made available to the target group and be evaluated formatively. The evaluation is based on the following methods:

1. Online-Survey:  An online-survey will be developed and integrated into the online platform. A sample-size of 100-200 participants is aimed for.

2. Web statistics: Data for web statistics are collected through a statistics tool integrated into the online platform.

3. Participant observation: Five people are observed using the website. The survey method of “thinking aloud” is used.

Based on the results of the evaluation, a re-design of the online platform will take place.

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