News in OrgValue

Status: June 25, 2018

OrgValue examines the perspective of decision-makers in health care organizations and the perspective of patients in Cologne regarding patient-centered care. Also, determinants of patient-centered care are inquired.
The aims and the methodical approach in OrgValue were published in the journal BMJ Open as part of the study protocol, so we reached one of our first major milestones.


Characteristics and determinants of patient-centered care from health care organizations’ perspective

As a first step, semi-structured interviews were conducted with decision-makers (n=20) from care institutions in Cologne (hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes, inpatient care settings, general practices and specialized practices). Within these interviews, the understanding of patient-centered care and its determinants were identified. The interviews were analyzed with MAXQDA, by using the approach of content analysis.

The interviewees expressed a comprehensive understanding regarding patient-centeredness. For example, employee welfare, process orientation and continuity in health care were identified as key determinants of patient-centered care.

The interview results will be finalized within an article. Also, they are part of the basis for developing the questionnaire for a subsequent survey. A literature research was also necessary for the choice of the right survey instruments. Pretest-interviews are planned for August/September 2018.


Patient-centered care from patients’ perspective

As a second step, OrgValue examines the patient-centeredness perceived by patients with chronic illnesses. The patients were requested to express positive and negative experiences with health care. The interviews were analyzed with MAXQDA, by using the approach of content analysis. Categories were built deductively and inductively.

Existing concepts regarding patient-centered care contain several aspects that were considered as important in the interviews. However, the concepts must be expanded by the roles of different players, for example, self-help groups and health insurance funds. The interview results provide many concrete suggestions for the further development of health care regarding patient-centeredness, especially regarding the dissemination of therapy offered and contact points for health problems.


Presentation of project results

OrgValue was presented at the event “A coffee with science” on 10th July 2018. The relevance of research goals and some project results were shown to a broad audience, by presenting quotations from the interviews.

OrgValue will be represented at scientific congresses. We will present interview results at the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare (ICCH), organized by EACH (International Association for Communication in Healthcare). Furthermore, we will present some results at the Congress on Health Care Research and at the Joint Congress of the German Society for Medical Psychology (DGMP) and the German Society of Medical Sociology (DGMS).


Status: March 14, 2018

Value-based health and social care imply patient-centeredness and, simultaneously, resource-orientation. The OrgValue project aims to examine how Health and Social Care Organizations (HSCOs) in Cologne perceive and implement the compatibility of patient-centeredness and resource-orientation. In a first step, we conducted 17 out of around 20 interviews with decision-makers from various HSCOs. The interview partners were representatives of hospitals, practices, ambulant care and nursing homes, hospices and rehabilitation clinics. We recruited these interview partners with the support of our practice partners. In a joint meeting held in summer 2017, these interview partners gave us valuable information about the approach and the recruitment. At the moment, we are looking for interview partners from outpatient psychotherapy practices and cardiology practices. Simultaneously, we are preparing exciting results for a publication. We want to identify barriers and facilitators determining the implementation of patient-centeredness and value-based care. Also, the interview results are the basis for developing the questionnaire for the subsequent questionnaire survey. In addition, OrgValue wants to examine patient-centeredness in health and social care from the perspective of chronically ill patients. We are currently recruiting practice participants for conducting interviews.

The first milestone was the study approval by the Ethics Commission of University Hospital Cologne. The next milestone will be the publication of a study protocol at the beginning of 2018.