News in OrgValue

Value-based health and social care imply patient-centeredness and, simultaneously, resource-orientation. The OrgValue project aims to examine how Health and Social Care Organizations (HSCOs) in Cologne perceive and implement the compatibility of patient-centeredness and resource-orientation. In a first step, we conducted 17 out of around 20 interviews with decision-makers from various HSCOs. The interview partners were representatives of hospitals, practices, ambulant care and nursing homes, hospices and rehabilitation clinics. We recruited these interview partners with the support of our practice partners. In a joint meeting held in summer 2017, these interview partners gave us valuable information about the approach and the recruitment. At the moment, we are looking for interview partners from outpatient psychotherapy practices and cardiology practices. Simultaneously, we are preparing exciting results for a publication. We want to identify barriers and facilitators determining the implementation of patient-centeredness and value-based care. Also, the interview results are the basis for developing the questionnaire for the subsequent questionnaire survey. In addition, OrgValue wants to examine patient-centeredness in health and social care from the perspective of chronically ill patients. We are currently recruiting practice participants for conducting interviews.

The first milestone was the study approval by the Ethics Commission of University Hospital Cologne. The next milestone will be the publication of a study protocol at the beginning of 2018.