News in K-APAT

Status: December 2019

The project “Ambulatory parenteral antibiotic therapy in the Cologne Metropolitan Region” (K-APAT) started in April 2019. Since then, some small but also big steps have taken place.

The positive ethics vote (vote number: 19-1284) from the Ethics Commission of the University of Cologne represented a first milestone. The vote is a confirmation that both data protection and ethical-moral aspects are taken into account in the interviews with patients and care providers.

In the regular meetings of the project staff and network meetings with the project partners and study physicians, helpful findings were gained to continuously improve the study design.

In order to inform patients and doctors about the project and to make the form of ambulatory intravenous antibiotic therapy better known, target-group-specific flyers were designed.

We developed three questionnaires for the survey of patients at three points in time regarding their satisfaction and the course of treatment. For this purpose, both validated instruments and self-developed scales were used. The comprehensibility and logic of the questionnaires were checked within the framework of presets and reviewed accordingly.

In November, patient inclusion at the University Hospital started successfully with the aim of including at least 120 patients in the study. At the same time, the survey was started and we are pleased with the questionnaires that have already been received. The patients are interviewed before, during and after treatment. The aim is to document comprehensive experiences of the patients in the ambulatory environment with antibiotic therapy in order to be able to draw important findings from it.

In addition, the preparation of the qualitative evaluation was started. Within this framework, focus groups with clinic and general practitioners as well as interviews with patients will take place. We are currently still in the process of developing guidelines for both survey forms.

The ethics vote of the North Rhine-Westphalian Medical Association is still pending, but is expected soon. We are looking forward to presenting K-APAT at the CoRe-Net Symposium on January 15, 2020 and to exchanging ideas with people from health services research and practice.