Review: CoRe-Net General Assembly 2022

On December 14, 2022, our third CoRe-Net General Assembly of the second funding phase took place. This meeting took place again in the presence of the Institute for Medical Sociology, Health Services Research and Rehabilitation Science (IMVR) in Cologne. A total of 25 people took part in the event.

Prof. Dr. Holger Pfaff

Ingo Meyer

Prof. Dr. Clara Lehmann

LYOL-C II / OrgValue II (Jana Frey)

MenDis-CHD II / OrgValue II (Lena Sannemann)

Delphi-Studie (Dr. Franziska Krebs)

Ingo Meyer (Moderation)

CoRe-Net Supply Reports

After introductory words of welcome by Prof. Dr. Holger Pfaff (CoRe-Net applicant and director of the Center for Health Services Research Cologne (ZVFK) at the University of Cologne), he reported on the upcoming reorganization of the ZVFK.

After that, Ingo Meyer (CoRe-Net applicant and head of the PMV research group) presented the second CoRe-Net supply report on the topic of “Care for people with coronary heart disease and mental disorders in Cologne” and provided an insight into the process of data evaluation, as well as the structure of the study population in the context of the preparation of the report.

The second supply report is available here (german language).

Result report of the CoRe-Net subproject K-APAT

After a brief discussion on the use of psychotherapeutic treatment for this kind of concomitant mental disorders, Prof. Dr. Clara Lehmann (Internal Medicine I, University Hospital Cologne) presented the final report of the CoRe-Net cooperation project K-APAT.
The overall goal of the project is to establish outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy in Germany.

Highlights and impulses from the CoRe-Net projects

Afterwards we heard highlights and impulses from the CoRe-Net projects (LYOL – C II, MenDis-CHD II, OrgValue II). The speakers picked up various highlight topics from the respective projects and explained them. These topics ultimately provided the impetus for exciting and fruitful audience discussions. This gave the audience the opportunity to interactively deal with the respective issues, while the researchers were given the opportunity to view the topics from a different perspective.

*contributions from the CoRe-Net subprojects: speakers

LYOL-C II / OrgValue II
Jana Frey (Center for Palliative Medicine of the University Hospital of Cologne)

MenDis-CHD II / OrgValue II
Lena Sannemann (Clinic and Polyclinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy of the University Hospital Cologne)

OrgValue II: Delphie – Study
Dr. Franziska Krebs (Institute for Health Economics and Clinical Epidemiology, University Hospital of Cologne)

Laboratory conference – Sustainability of CoRe-Net

Finally, Ingo Meyer moderated the now 2nd laboratory conference. This year, the topic of this conference was “Sustainability in CoRe-Net”. A highly relevant topic in view of the approaching end of the project. In groups, the participants discussed possibilities to sustainably consolidate the results, structures and offers of CoRe-Net even after the end of the project.

Conclusion and thanks

After an event that lasted several hours and was characterized by interaction, those present exchanged views on the events and upcoming topics and projects over hot and cold drinks and hot soup in the spirit of the network character.

We look back on a successful general meeting in presence and are pleased that the event focus on interactivity has been completely successful. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all speakers and participants for their contributions, their interest and the lively exchange.

For all other interested members who could not attend the general meeting, there is the possibility to request the slides of the session from us (