Ninth CoRe-Net Newsletter

Dear CoRe-Net members,
dear Sir or Madam,

we are very pleased to inform you in our ninth CoRe-Net newsletter about news concerning CoRe-Net – a competence network connecting scientific practice and research in Cologne.
This is supplemented by dates from the area of health services research as well as current research funding announcements.
If you are looking for cooperation partners or methodological advice, please feel free to contact us.

1. CoRe-Web online platform

Ivory tower or talk about it?

We present our new CoRe-Web online platform, where we make results from Cologne health research public for everyone.

Feel free to take a look and – above all – tell us how you like it! You can find the new online platform here.

2. Launch of the second CoRe-Net Supply Report

On April 26th, 2022, our 2nd CoRe-Net Supply Report was published and presented at a digital launch event. The title of the report is “Healthcare of people with coronary heart disease and mental disorders in Cologne.

The results were presented by Ms Katja Blaschke from the PMV research group who emphasized that in only 50 percent of the patients examined with an accompanying mental illness this was also diagnosed.

The supply report is based, among other things, on the results of the CoRe-Net subproject MenDis-CHD I, which was represented by Prof. Dr. Christian Albus (scientific director).

The final discussion was initiated by statements of Dr. Sabine Eichberg (Health Department City of Cologne) and Dr. Alexia Zukuhlen (Health Region CologneBonn e.V.).

You can find the supply report, the press release and further information here. The results of the supply report were subsequently reported in the Ärzteblatt. (german language)

3. Look Back

3.1 Methods forum February 2022

On 16th and 17th February 2022, two themed afternoons took place as part of our digital methods forum, which were again organized in cooperation with the Center for Health Services Research Cologne (ZVFK).

>> 16.02.2022 – Lecture:
“Intersectoral data-driven communication”.

>> 17.02.2022 – Workshop:
“Target group-oriented writing in the health sector”
(in cooperation with CoRe-Web)

Here you can find the detailed review of both event days.

We would like to thank the speakers very much and are pleased about the lively exchange and the exciting discussion of the participants on both days of the event.

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3.2 CoRe-Net Career Day 2022

On March 24th our second CoRe-Net Career Day took place again in cooperation with the ZVFK. In addition, we are pleased to announce that – in cooperation with the Health Congress of the West – we were able to raffle off three congress tickets to students who participated in the Career Day.

Due to the high number of infections, this year’s Career Day also took place in digital form. A total of 17 speakers gave the 50 or so participants an insight into various fields of work from research and development in healthcare with their exciting and comprehensive presentations.

Read more about the contents and the course of the event here.

We would like to thank all the speakers for presenting their institutes and fields of work. We are also pleased about the numerous registrations and thank all interested parties for their participation in the Career Day.

We would also like to thank the organizers of the Health Congress of the West for providing the congress tickets to be raffled off and for the new cooperation.


There will be another CoRe-Net Career Day in 2023! We will inform you about all CoRe-Net events in our newsletter, on our homepage and via the social media channels Facebook and Twitter.

4. News from the CoRe-Net database – CoRe-Dat

With the research database CoRe-Dat, CoRe-Net offers an important component of the research infrastructure in Cologne in the field of health care. It contains billing data from the statutory health insurance companies for around 500,000 Cologne citizens and other data. These are suitable for questions of epidemiology (type and frequency of diseases), for analyses of the utilization of services (general practitioners, specialists, hospitals, nursing) and medicines, for health economics and other areas.

The database can be used for all types of research, but also for health care planning.

Use is possible upon application here.

This year, important extensions of the database are planned, which will again significantly expand the possibilities.

Read more.

5. New publications

CoRe-Net II in cooperation with MenDis-CHD I

Blaschke, K., Poppe, A., Meyer, I., Schubert, I., Jessen, F., Albus, C. (2022). Versorgung von Menschen mit koronarer Herzerkrankung und psychischer Begleiterkrankung in Köln – Ein CoRe-Net Versorgungsbericht. CoRe-Net: Kölner Kompetenznetzwerk aus Praxis und Forschung.

The article is available here.


Kasdorf, A., Dust, G., Hamacher, S.; Schippel, S.; Rietz, C.; Voltz, R.; Strupp, J.; on behalf of CoRe-Net (2022). The last year of life for patients dying from cancer vs. non-cancer causes: a retrospective cross-sectional survey of bereaved relatives. Supportive Care in Cancer. doi: 10.1007/s00520-022-06908-8.

The article is available here.

Knop, J., Dust, G., Kasdorf, A., Rietz, C., Schippel, N., Strupp, J., Voltz, R. (2022). Unsolved problems and unwanted decision-making in the last year of life: A qualitative analysis of comments from bereaved caregivers. Palliative & Supportive Care 1–9. doi: 10.1017/S1478951522000165

The article is available here.

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All publications of CoRe-Net and the individual projects can be found here.

6. News from the CoRe-Net subprojects

6.1 LYOL-C II – Last year of Life study Cologne II: Modelling and evaluation of a minimally invasive two-sided intervention to deliver patient-centered care in hospitals

The LYOL-C II project was able to successfully complete the control phase in the nephrology ward and is now starting the intervention phase there (pre-post design). The staff of the ward will now be interviewed in writing and were trained in the use of the intervention and are now able to apply it.

Read more.

6.2 MenDis-CHD II – A primary care physician based intervention to improve health care in coronary heart disease patients with mental and cognitive disorders

The follow-up survey in study part A has been completed, so questionnaires are now being read before data analysis can start. For the intervention study in study part C, six primary care practices were included. All of them participated in a training session of about 90 minutes, which represents the start of the six-month intervention phase. Preparations are still underway for the patient survey in study part C, for which a positive ethics vote has been available since April. In an analysis plan meeting, first publication proposals for MenDis-CHD II and OrgValue II were discussed and responsibilities were defined.

Read more.

6.3 OrgValue II – A multicenter-multilevel approach to examining regulatory and organizational bottlenecks in the care of vulnerable patients in Cologne

Delphi study

In April, the first round of the online survey on the relevance and feasibility of measures to promote value-based care was launched. 416 representatives of different institutions in the German health care system were invited to participate in the survey. A total of 51 respondents completed the questionnaire. In a second round of the survey, the measures to promote value-based care for which no consensus was found in the first round of the survey will be re-evaluated in the next step.

Read more.

7. News from the cooperation projects

7.1 K-APAT – Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic therapy in the Metropolitan Area of Cologne

The K-APAT project officially ended at the end of March. Initial evaluations show a high level of satisfaction with APAT as a form of care. The qualitative data from the in-depth interviews with 12 of the patients support these results and also show a high level of satisfaction with APAT. Currently, final evaluations are being carried out and the results and final reports are being prepared. For this purpose, the entire project team is in close exchange. At the beginning of August, a joint workshop will be held to draw a synthesis from the many different data collected and to formulate recommendations for action in practice.

Read more.

7.2 CoRe-Web – Implementation and Evaluation of an Online Platform for research data of the metropolitan region Rhineland using the example of health care research in the last year of life

Since March of this year, the new platform CoRe-Web is available online and offers easily accessible results from research on health and care topics in Cologne. The new platform was launched as a test version. The online survey conducted as part of the evaluation and the user observation have now been completed. The results are currently being evaluated and ideas for improving the online platform are being derived. The platform will be revised in the coming months.

You can find the current online platform here.

Read more.

With best regards,

Prof. Holger Pfaff und Dr. Nadine Scholten and Dr. Gisela Nellessen-Martens
on behalf of the applicants