General Assembly ‘Cologne meets CoRe-Net’

Networking of health services research and health services practice

Many thanks to all participants of our event ‘Cologne meets CoRe-Net’ and the project staff involved. On 13th November 2020, more than 70 people gathered at the Thyssen Foundation to learn more about CoRe-Net and to jointly shape the future of the competence network from practice and research. In addition to patient representatives and their families, we had the pleasure of welcoming delegates of health insurance companies and medical association, the scientific and medical communities, as well as many other people who are actively involved in medical and social care in Cologne.

Words of welcome were spoken by Professor Günter (Vice-Rector for Equality and Diversity at the University of Cologne), as well as by Dr. Bunte (Head of the Cologne Health Office), who emphasised the importance of the Federal ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funded network for the university and the city.

CoRe-Net and the projects based in CoRe-Net were presented by Professor Pfaff (IMVR – Institute for Health Services Research, Medical Sociology and Rehabilitation Sciences), Professor Voltz (Centre for Palliative Medicine, University Hospital Cologne), Professor Albus (Clinic for Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy, University Hospital Cologne) and Professor Ansmann (Department for Health Services Research, University of Oldenburg).

Afterwards, 5 topics were exchanged, discussed and genetically networked at different tables:

1. ‘Cologne construction sites in the supply sector’

2. ‘Living patient participation: How can patient voices be better taken into account in decisions at all levels?’

3. ‘Health care practice and science – how can the exchange be improved?’

4. ‘Cologne as a caring community: How can we jointly care for people at the end of life?’

5. ‘Well cared for? Psychological risks of illness in young adults’

The results of the previous debates were presented by the discussion leaders in a panel discussion, which was moderated by Dr. Plamper (Corporate Development, University Hospital Cologne). You can find these in our First CoRe-Net Newsletter.

Afterwards, over water, wine and Kölsch beer, there was the opportunity to continue the discussions that had begun and to end the evening with stimulating conversations.

We would like to thank all participants who gave us an insight into the actual medical and social care in Cologne during the group discussion as well as in the subsequent individual discussions. The competence network is based on this input and pursues the long-term goal of initiating projects that are able to improve medical and social care in Cologne by linking practice and research.

Impressions of the event: